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Scorecards That Make Every
Round a Work of Art

At StarterBox Studios, we offer a wide variety of golf scorecards in different sizes and top-quality paper. You can add a professional touch with our finishing options like lamination, die-cutting, or perforating. We handle your project from start to finish, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture on the course. Let us take care of the scorecards while you take care of your game!

Customizable Golf Scorecards in Every Size

Our scorecards are designed for golfers of any level and come in a range of sizes, from the common 5.5x8.5 to larger sizes like 4.5x12 and 6x12. We offer multiple layouts and designs, so you can choose the perfect one for your specific course or tournament. No matter the size of your property, we can provide scorecards that meet your needs.


Touch is everything

A great round of golf deserves a great scorecard to remember it by. At StarterBox Studios, we specialize in creating custom scorecards that leave a lasting impression. Our design team can create a unique look for your course by printing on a variety of premium materials including linen covers and high gloss coating. 


You cannot finish if you never start

Our talented team of designers at our golf design studio will work with you to determine the best look and feel of your brand, and translate it into a visual representation of what you want people to remember the club by. With a variety of finishes including lamination, foil, embossing, die cutting, round cornering, and even special embellishments that we handle all under one roof allows us to keep lead times and costs down. 


Limited on Space
or Budget?

We realize that although you know how many cards you use in a year you cannot order all at once or cannot store them all with limited space. StarterBox Studios can produce and hold them for when you are ready to get them! We have a warehouse dedicated to drop shipping and fulfilling any quick turnaround! Given our unique pricing structure as long as we know ahead of time we can tailor your requests around our on demand production 

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